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Pink Earth
Image by Jonathan Borba
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Welcome to our online boutique nursery. 

Cacti & Succulents Delivered Potted to Your Doorstep.

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New to the world of succulents and not sure where to start? Our nifty Collections make it easy to browse, explore and learn, here are a few fan favourites to start with!


Our story

Hey there, I'm Bianca! A proud Capetonian, plant lover, and the brains behind Succï.

2020 was a wild ride, but amidst the chaos, I found solace in nature and developed a serious crush on succulents. And thus, Succï was born!

My mission? To spread the succulent love and show everyone just how awesome these little guys are. But hey, they can be tricky to care for with so many species out there, right? That's why I'm all about making it super easy for my customers to keep their plants happy and healthy.

Think of my approach like a boutique-style nursery. Forget about boring, run-of-the-mill plants. At Succï, it's all about the unique and top-notch quality.

By the way, I wanted to mention that Succï is fully certified by CapeNature, with both a grower and seller license for protected flora. So you can shop with us knowing that we're doing our part to protect our precious natural resources.

xxx, Bianca

Succulents in greenhouse
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Rare succulent by Scott Webb

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Succï is an online store run from Cape Town. Visits to our small home-based nursery is by appointment only.  /  Whatsapp +27 069 415 3574

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